Taneesha Publishers

Shipping Policy


This shipping policy will be automatically applied to you and it will be assumed that you are fully agreeing to the terms and conditions of the shipping policy, if the author’s book is being published by Taneesha Publishers or the reader, author, buyer or other than buyer (Anyone can be) has ordered books from Taneesha Publishers’s web store or you are a participating author or editor in a shared collection published by Taneesha Publishers.

The Taneesha Publishers does not holds responsible for any type of loss or damage that is made whilst the process of delivery by the courier company or by the postal services. Although the Taneesha Publishers shall try its best to deliver its services and products within the desired time limits of the customer yet it does not take any guarantee towards any time bound deliveries and postal delays. You, as a customer, should acknowledge that you agree that the deliveries made to you shall be not bounded by time and/or in case of deliveries made in parts, you shall be rendered no right to object and will have to make the payment (if opted for cash on deliveries) whatsoever may be the case. The delivery personals may or may not call you prior to the delivery.

If once the parcel is handover to the courier partner or postal department, Taneesha Publishers will not have any responsibility in relation to delivery status or loss or any type all matter. Nor is the publisher Taneesha Publishers guaranteed any specific time frame for the delivery of the shipment, as Taneesha Publishers has no control over the courier company in any way, directly or indirectly. Let us also inform you that interference in the delivery related activities of courier companies or any kind of functioning of courier companies does not come under the purview or jurisdiction of Taneesha Publishers. The tracking number will be provided by Taneesha Publishers to the reader, author or other buyer, (whoever may be), after which you can check the delivery status or complain directly on the website of the concerned courier partner or postal department.

The delivery shall not be, in any case, redelivered or redirected to any other address. The products will be delivered to only those cities that are listed under “serviceable cities”

Please note that the delivery details are available on the most courier companies or India Post websites only for 7 days after the books are delivered to the buyer, author or the editor or compiler of the compilation / anthology. Therefore, if the books of buyer or other than buyer, author or the editor or compiler of the compilation / anthology are not delivered, then they can file a complaint with the concerned courier or postal department. Taneesha Publisherss will not be liable for any book delivery related responsibility of the Buyer, Author or Editor or Compiler of the compilation / anthology.

Always write shipping address in English

Always write your shipping address in English words so that your courier can reach you on time. When the address is written in English words, it is directly copied and pasted on the shipping portal, thereby eliminating the possibility of error in the address. And your shipment reaches you on time at the right address. If you enter your shipping address in another language, you will be at your own responsibility for any error in the address or non-delivery on time or for the return of the shipment or any other possible delivery issues.

There will be maximum two attempts at delivering the product(s) exempting the following cases-

✓ Recipient not available.

✓ Locked / inaccessible premises of the delivery address.

✓ Disaster or emergency struck area.

The deliveries, in above cases, will be rescheduled later as and when suitable/appropriate time by the courier company or buyer or Taneesha Publishers. The Taneesha Publishers shall in no way hold responsibility for the products bought by any channel other than www.taneeshapublishers.in, which may or may not be listed on the www.taneeshapublishers.in.

In such circumstances we will not be responsible for delay in delivery, which is as follows-

✓ In the circumstances of the government prohibiting curfew or transport services in the concerned customer’s district or state or publisher / shopkeeper’s district or state.

✓ In the circumstances of the government declaring a national disaster.

✓ In our district or state government prohibits transport services under any special circumstances.

✓ National holiday, public or local holiday, when natural disaster impacts transport services.

✓ Taneesha Publishers will not be responsible under any circumstances in which the customer is late in delivery.

Payment of courier charge and penalty charge

If the book / parcel is not delivered to the reader, author or other buyer (may be any) refused to accept or cancelled, or without any known or unknown reasons and the book or parcel is returned to Taneesha Publishers. In such a situation, the reader, author or other buyer, whoever may be, has to repay the delivery charge and penalty charge (hundred percent of the actual courier charge) of the book or parcel.

Many times the book or parcel is returned to Taneesha Publishers due to like negligence or incorrect address of the reader, author or other buyer (whoever it may be) or not received the phone calls of the courier partner’s delivery person or other unknown reasons. In such circumstances, the courier partner adds a bill on both sides for sending and returning to Taneesha Publishers. It is, therefore, necessary to repay courier return charges by the reader, writer or other buyer (whoever may be) as a penalty charge when the parcel is returned. That is, the author will have to re-pay the courier charge + courier return penalty charge for the book delivery again.

Re-shipped the book or parcels

The book or parcel will be re-shipped within one week upon receipt of payment of courier charge and penalty charge, it is necessary that the parcel is returned to Taneesha Publishers by the courier partner or postal department and it is necessary the returns status to appear in the tracking status on the website of the concerned courier or postal department.

Delivery through Indian Postal Service

If the buyer or reader or writer wants to deliver his book through Indian Postal Services, then it is mandatory to pay a minimum charge of Rs. 200/- (Two hundred rupees) for up to 500 gm (Five hundred grams) and charges will increase for every 500 gm (Five hundred grams) as per parcel weight or dimension or other applicable conditions.

Courier Tracking Status

Tracking number will be provided once the shipment is dispatched to the reader, author or other buyer (may be any). After dispatch of the shipment, it is the responsibility of the reader, author or other buyer (may be any) to track the status of his shipment from time to time. If there is any negligence or delay in tracking the shipment, then immediately complain on the helpline number or email of the courier company.

Grievance Redressal related to Courier Company

If the shipment of the reader, author or other buyer (may be any) is not delivered in time, or shipment is not delivered or returned due to negligence, or shipment is returned without notifying you, or delivery boy does not want to deliver your shipment to your address. In such a situation, you should first register a complaint on the helpline number or email or helpdesk portal of the concerned courier company with priority. So that your problem can be resolved immediately by the concerned courier company.

If your shipment related complaint is not processed or resolved by the concerned courier company, then drop a mail at Taneesha Publishers’s official email help@prachidigital.in or tell us at WhatsApp number +91-9760417980. If the information related to the shipment is not made available to Taneesha Publishers by the reader, author or other buyer (may be any), then in such a situation no complaint will be made by us to the courier company in all the above mentioned cases.

(Note: The parcel is not picked up by the Indian Postal Department, so our publication has to hand over the parcel to the India Post Department at its own level, due to such circumstances, the additional travel expenses will be borne by the reader or writer or buyer or other than buyer.)