Refund & Cancellation Policy

The Refund and Cancellation Policy has to be followed by every user using The policy highlights following points :-

Taneesha Publishers will refund every single amount if its under the refunding policy as per the company’s policy.


Customer can cancel order within 24 hours after making a payment for the book. The Amount will be refunded in the next 3 to 4 weeks after deduct payment gateway / bank transaction charges. The order can not be canceled after we have passed the customer’s book to the partner courier company. After this, the order can not be canceled in any situation.

In Case you have received a wrong book or damaged book or misprint book, Please inform us at email within two days from the date of receipt of the book and return it to our office address within 7 days. A new book will be sent to our office within 2-3 business days after receiving the book you have sent. Otherwise, we will be unable to replace the book after more than a week has passed.


Customers can apply for refunds within 24 hours after buying the eBook. If the customer has downloaded an e-book even before 24 hours, then the order will not be canceled and no refund of it will be given.

Non-Refund Policy in the above mentioned services for Authors.

Publishing Consultancy : If no work has been started on the author’s book, and the author postpones the decision to publish the book, the publisher will refund the remaining payment to the author after deducting his publication consultancy fees. For which the author has no objection, as in the book publishing agreement, the author has accepted the refund and cancellation policy. Taneesha Publisherss book publishing consultancy charge is 40% of any book publishing package.

Copyright Consultancy : No refund will be given for copyright consultancy as per the refund policy. No refund of any kind will be given to the author if the copyright application for the author’s book is initiated by the publisher, as the copyright consultancy has been given by the publisher and the copyright process has been initiated.

Graphics / Cover Photos / Interior Designing : If any designing work like designing work or cover design has been taken up by the publisher for the author’s book then the charges will be deducted as per the charges for the services. That is, no refund will be given when the designing work starts, because the publisher has started the work for the author on his behalf, which has taken both the publisher’s time and the designer’s hard work. We have to devote a lot of time to creative work, so our time is very valuable.

Manuscript Typing / Copy Editing : If the typing work for the author’s book is done by Taneesha Publisherss, then no refund will be given for the typing work, as the author’s manuscript is typed by the Taneesha Publishers. Similarly, no refund will be given if the proof reading or copy editing work has been completed for the author’s book by Taneesha Publisherss.

Distribution Fee : If the author takes distribution service after the book is published to take the book out in the international market and subsequently cancels, then no refund will be given, as no refund is given by our distribution partner and Neither cancellation is accepted. Hence, refund will not be given for cancellation of distribution service. At the same time, if the international distribution is already available in the publication package, then in case of refund, after deducting the distribution charge, the remaining balance will be refunded as per the refund policy.

Advertisement Charges : If the author is advertising his book through Taneesha Publishers, and wants to cancel later, then in such a situation also no refund will be given. Because the advertisement has been consulted by the publisher and the advertisement fee has been released to the advertising service provider, which is not refunded by the advertising service provider.

Press Release Charges : The services of third party service providers are used by the Taneesha Publishers for press release, due to which third party service providers do not issue any refunds once charged.

Please note that no amount will be refunded to your account by Taneesha Publisherss once the consultancy fees or non-refundable services have been paid by the author. The balance amount will be refunded as per the refund and cancellation policy. The same, you will be solely responsible for the situations troubling you, Taneesha Publisherss will not be responsible in any way.