Bronze Rs. 6,500/- Only

Bronze Rs. 6,500/- Only

Now self-publishing the book is much easier and cheaper, because Taneesha Publishers has come up with a budget-friendly self-publishing scheme for authors. Under this, we are committed to the A-1 grade paper and the highest level of printing quality in our published books. In the scheme presented, any author can publish his book. The plan is to provide a strong publishing platform to authors, so that authors can create better literature and gain a place in the world of literature.

Features for Authors

  • Publish as Paperback
  • Publish up to 200 Pages
  • 5 Author Copies
  • ISBN and Barcode
  • Unlimited Inventory Management
  • Book Interior Layout
  • Cover Design with Royalty Free Images
  • Distribution on Amazon & Flipkart
  • Copyright remain with Author
  • 10% as a royalty of MRP
  • Additional Author copies will be provided at Subsidized Cost.
  • Author Interview at India’s leading portal indiBooks.in

Please Note

For extra pages : If the author’s book contains more than 200 pages, then the author will be required to pay an additional charge of Rs. 30/- per page.

Get books on subsidy cost : It is required to order at least 30 copies to get copies at the subsidy price. Courier charges will be borne by the author. The author must advance the full payment.

MRP Calculator

You can use MRP calculator to suggest the minimum selling price of your book. And you can also get information about the author copies cost price at which additional books will be made available to the author.