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Why Publish with Us

We know that often authors are unable to get their book published due to non-availability of best self publishing services at reasonable prices. Keeping in mind the convenience of writers, we offered the cheapest self publishing plan in India for writers.

We are sure that our self publishing offers will be beneficial for authors and authors will be able to fulfill their dream of publishing their book. Best wishes in advance for self publishing your book.

Cheapest Plans for Authors in 2023

get published with taneesha publishers


₹ 9,990/-

You Save ₹ 1,490/-


₹ 2,990/-

You Save ₹ 590/-

Publishing Process


Choose Plans

You should review the self publishing plans and choose any one as per the your requirement.


Submit Manuscript

Send your manuscript and Pay for the plan chosen by you. Work on your book will begin within 10 working days.


Post Publishing

After the book is ready, book pdf is sent to you for perusal. After proof approved by you, will be processed to print.


Print, Sell & Earn

After your consent, book will be available on Amazon and Filpkart. You will be paid 10% Royalty of MRP.

Frequently Asked Questions

To start the book publishing process, contact the official phone number of Taneesha Publishers. ☏ : +91-9760417980 (WhatsApp/Call)

After receiving the author’s manuscript, the book is published by Taneesha Publishers within 30 – 45 working days and the author’s copies are delivered within about 10-15 working days after the books are printed.

All rights to the author’s book will remain with the author. Taneesha Publishers exists to market the author’s book through distributor partners, we work as a publisher between the author and the reader. We work with a non-exclusive self-publishing publishing agreement, which means that Taneesha Publishers does not own any of your content and you may publish it elsewhere if you wish.

The inventory is Printed-On-Demand (POD) based on sales velocity to ensure that the book does not go out of stock. Taneesha Publishers works with its various print partners across the country to make sure your book is printed and delivered to your buyer within the turn around time. This ensures that the latest version of your book is always available when readers order it from the various eCommerce sites.

A fixed royalty will be given ten percent ( 10% ) of the maximum retail price (MRP) to the author on the successful sale of each book by the publisher. No royalty shall be paid to copies sold to the author at subsidized cost.

Publisher shall pay author all royalties earned on a quarterly basis, within forty (40) days after the end of each calendar quarter in which the Author earned a royalty. Payment of royalties to the author will be done by NEFT/RTGS.

The publisher shall provide the author with a quarterly statement detailing net copies sold and net revenues after publication of the works, along with quarterly royalty payments details. Reports and payments shall be delivered to the Author by the Publisher no later than the final business day of each calendar quarterly on an ongoing basis. The reports will be delivered to Author electronically via Excel, pdf document or text file.

Terms and conditions for above offer

For extra pages : : If the author’s book contains more than 100 pages in Starter plan or Silver plan or more than 200 pages in Bronze plan, then the author will be required to pay an additional charge of Rs. 60/- per page. (Except for the Inspire plan, if the author opts for the Inspire plan and the number of pages of the book increases, there is no need to pay any additional charges.)

This plan is only for fiction book : Only fiction books are valid for publication in this self publishing plan. Non-fiction books will be published at regular prices. So go through our regular plan details carefully.

Get books on subsidy cost : It is required to order at least 30 copies to get copies at the subsidy price. Courier charges will be borne by the author. The author must advance the full payment.

If publishing a compilation / anthology : The above scheme is not valid for compilation / anthology publication. Under this, only solo books of a single author can be published.