Through the MRP calculator, authors can find the approximate minimum selling price of their book. And you can also get information about the author copies cost price at which additional books will be made available to the author.

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Please Note : In the above calculations, for black & white interior 55-70 GSM Stora or Natural-Shade paper is assumed and colored cover page 230-250 GSM art paper is assumed.

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How much royalty is paid by Taneesha Publishers?

A fixed royalty will be given ten percent ( 10% ) of the maximum retail price (MRP) to the author on the successful sale of each book by the publisher. No royalty shall be paid to copies sold to the author at subsidized cost.

What is Minimum Retail Price?

Minimum Retail Price is the least possible cost of the book that is decided according to the distribution cost, production cost and printing cost of the book. You may set the price of book as any price higher than Suggest Selling Price. As soon as you type an MRP, you get to see how much you will earn via each of our sales channels.

How I can get author copies?

Author just need to pay the Subsidized Cost and shipping charges and we will be delivering the author copies at your provided address. The minimum number of copies per order is 32. Printing and shipment process takes a time of 20-30 Days.

Royalty / MSP / Cost Disclaimer :Minimum retail price may change according to present or future market conditions, change in service charges related to packing & delivery and production cost reduction or increase on the book, availability of paper used in the book, increase in printing service charges by Partners Printing Press/Company. Therefore, the publisher will not be responsible for any accountability to any author or institution under any circumstances, which may be differentiated between the calculations you have made in the past or present and the calculations you make in the future.

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