Step to Publish

Publish the book in a easy steps

Write Your Book

Start writing your book today and complete it as soon as possible. And after that contact Tanisha Publishers.

Submit Manuscript

Upon completion of writing, submit manuscript. So that our experienced editors can review your manuscript.

Get Published

Manuscript has been approved & process to publication. Your book will be available in the market ASAP.

Why Publish with Us

Our aim is to provide better and transparent services according to the needs of the author.

Flexible Support

We provide you support at your time and complete your publication tasks as you wish. We are always ready to cooperate with the author through WhatsApp and Call.

Best Quality

We publish a better quality book for the author. We do not compromise on the quality of the book, so we always have full alert before publishing every book.

Fast Publishing

Our effort remains that we publish the author's book ASAP. After getting the consent of the author, the book is made available in the market in two weeks.


According to the deadline set by us, every report related to the publication is sent to the author through e-mail. Apart from this, we do not charge any hidden fees to authors.

Retain All Rights

We know how hard an author works to write his book and his book is valuable to the author. If you select us for publication of your book, then all the copyright rights remain with you.


It’s your book, and it is imperative that you own all the rights to your content to enjoy unabridged control over it. With Author-Publisher contract, we make sure this happens.