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We are Cheapest Self-publisher in India

Taneesha Publishers offers the cheapest self publishing services in India. Our aim to provide professional self-publishing services and support to all emerging indian authors. So that authors can publish their book at very low cost and get readers of their book across the country.

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Publishing Process

Register Yourself

Register for self publishing by providing your contact information. Our publishing consultant will reach you within 24-72 hours.

Submit Manuscript

Submit your manuscript by e-mail. After receiving the manuscript, work on your book will start within 15-25 working days.

Post Publishing

After the book is ready, a digital copy is sent to you for perusal. We will keep revising your book till your satisfaction.

Print, Sell & Earn

After your consent, book will be available on Amazon & Filpkart. You will be paid Royalty when your each book sold.

Why Publish with Us

Our aim is to provide better and transparent services according to the needs of the author.

Flexible Support

We provide you support at your time and complete your publication tasks as you wish. We are always ready to cooperate with the author through WhatsApp, Call and E-mail.

Printing Quality

We publish a A1 grade quality book for the author. We do not compromise on the quality of the book, so our team always have full alert before publishing every single book.

Fast Publishing

Our effort remains that we publish the author's book as soon as possible. After getting the consent of the author, the book is made available in the market in two weeks.


According to the deadline set by us, every report related to the publication is sent to the author through e-mail. Apart from this, we do not charge any hidden fees to authors.

Retain All Rights

We understand the author's hard work and therefore also apply for your copyright in your content. Our team prepares all paperwork to apply for a copy of the author.

Online Distribution

We ensure that your book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and manage lifetime inventory, so that your readers can buy your book easily and your book never goes out of stock.